Sunday, November 8, 2009

FREE Promotes Love Your Body Day

Members of FREE organized a bake sale to promote Love Your Body Day and raise money for Vagina Monologues, which happens in the month of February. Members, and other students, created counter ads in response to ads that promote negative stereotypes of women. Informational pamphlets on eating disorders and where to get help were also distributed.
*Next meeting will be Monday November 9th @5:30pm, 2nd floor of Corbett Center Student Union

submitted by Lisa Y. Mendez

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Minutes from this weeks meeting

There are two more projects to complete before the end of the semester!! Please do your part to help them be successful.

-Earth Day: Saturday April 18 1-10pm
FREE and La Pinon will be collaborating on seed paper dedicated to survivors. We need volunteers to work the booth.

Earth Day celebration sponsored by OASIS is a fledgling event in Las Cruces. For this second year OASIS members have been working hard with the campus and city community to provide a fun and educational event for all of Las Cruces. To ensure the success of the event, and to show appreciation to OASIS and it's efforts FREE encourages ALL members to come to the event with friends and family. There will be something for everyone!

-Take Back The Night: Friday April 24
We will be having a table with the time line/history of TBTN. We need volunteers to work the table for the event.

We also encourage all FREE members to come to TBTN and invite friends and family. TBTN has been at NMSU for many years, but we want to make sure that it has a great turn out this year. This is a wonderful opportunity to gather as a community and stand out against violence. A message this strong deserves strong numbers!

To prepare the for the events we will be having get together's at Naomi's house the next two weekends.
Sunday April 5, 4pm
Saturday April 11, 10am
We have all of the materials needed to make seed paper and the time line. We just need creative brains and crafty hands.
Contact Naomi at naomie (at) for direction to her house.

-We will be losing our charter this week.
FREE needs new board members and also to re-charter. We need a treasurer. If you think about it, the treasurers job is exceptionally easy! You will be required to attend an ASNMSU financial procedures meeting in the fall (it takes less than an hour), and then really all you do is write checks. Usually, because of the nature of our club, the checks are written out to non-profits. For instance, our V-Day events raised $10,000 this year. Our treasurer has the pleasure of writing checks to send that money out to where it was needed. Who wouldn't want to have that sort of good feeling!?
If you are interested, please let Naomi know! You can contact her at naomie (at)

-Next meeting is Tuesday, April 7 at 4pm, 2nd floor Corbett.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Blue Light Phones

Has anyone heard? Your voice in an emergency is about to be silenced. Blue
light phones are going to be removed from NMSU campus.

Here's a gem from the article.

" The phones were originally installed in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
At that time, less than 10 percent of the campus population had access to
mobile communication devices that would allow them to call for help. Now,
over 90 percent carry cell phones with them."

What exactly do they propose for the other ten percent?

Our campus is noisier about warning its students and faculty about pesticide
spraying, with weeks notice and articles in the Round Up. Where is the heads
up on this issue? Isn't this as, is not MORE, important?

Please help spread the word about this news, and help NMSU keep the blue light phones.

Call the campus police seven digit number (575) 646-3311 if you have concerns or questions about the removal of these SAFETY devices.

submitted by Naomi Estrada, co-president FREE

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What is the "F" word?

The other F word that makes people cringe.... FEMINISM.

But it's not a bad word! It is a valuable word to our international culture. It has gone through several stages here in America, and it is developing in other countries... still.

NMSU FREE wants to know YOUR definition of feminism. We are planning a zine-sized publication to share with our community and help develop an understanding of feminism.

What is your view of feminism? Do you feel comfortable self-identifying as a feminist? What does it take to be a feminist? Are there rules? Outlines? Do you feel there are limitations? Do you agree that "feminism is dead?" Are there women (and/or men!) in your life that have helped you define feminism in the world? World known heroes that you admire for their feminism?

Please share your definitions, art, poetry, essays or any other contributions to The deadline for submissions is April 1, 2009.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Important news from NMSU's Women's Studies Department!

March is Women's History month.
While we should, in our every day lives, take into respectful consideration what women have done for America and the world... March is THE Women's History (HERstory) month. For more information on the National Women's History Project please visit

The following are events that will be provided by NMSU's WS department.

"Women Taking the Lead to Save Our Planet"

* Opening Reception and Art Display hosted by WSP and the Library: 3-5p.m. March 2, Branson Library, Stras Reading Room Lobby. The exhibit features screen prints of 20 leading women environmentalists, including Dr. Connie Falk of NMSU. All screen prints are the work on NMSU art students. This event is sponsored by the WSP and the Branson Library.
* Poetry Reading by Don Mee Choi from her translation of Anxiety of Words: Contemporary Poetry by Korean Women: March 13 (Location TBA, keep checking web site for news)
* Film on Jeanette Rankin called, A Single Woman: 1:30p.m. March 14, Fountain Theatre
* Lecture by Dr. Dena Goodman, Freedom and Happiness: Rethinking Love and Marriage in Eighteenth-Century France, 7:00p.m. March 17, Science Hall 107
* Women's Studies Hosts Coffee with the Deans: 8:30-9:45 March 18, Women's Studies Offices, Science Hall 28

Everyone is Welcome to Attend these Events! For more details please check out

A new mid-term course is being offered.

What better place to post information about this particular course but on a web blog! Think about taking this course.

Cyberfeminisms: Feminist Digital Cultures

WS 450 M71: 32154/WS 550 M71: 32155

This online mini-course examines the ways in which Web 2.0 informs contemporary feminist practice. Often described as the second-generation of the internet, Web 2.0 encourages and facilitates sharing and collaboration in the form of blogs, wikis, social networking sites, and video hosting, among others. These tools offer new platforms for organizing activism and disseminating feminist thought, as well as rethinking how information is relayed between creators and viewers. Students will explore the kinds of feminist cultural work being done on the internet and the way, as Danielle Maestretti states, "Moving from one voice, one subject, one discussion to another, it's clear that today's feminism is about everything. And it's this appeal to the mainstream, this proliferation of different perspectives and dissenting opinions that has the potential to make the f-word acceptable again."

Monday, February 16, 2009

Eve Ensler- Founder of V-Day

Submitted by FREE member Virginia

Sunday, February 8, 2009

NMSU Round up article on FREE

Student organization vows to redefine 'feminisim' - News

In Fall of 2008 a reporter from the NMSU campus newspaper interviewed FREE co-presidents Naomi Estrada and Katie Silva